1. How long has Lopez Brothers Landscaping been providing service to you?
5 years or more4 years3 years2 years1 yearLess than a year
2. How convenient is our company to use?
Extremely convenientVery convenientModerately convenientSlightly convenientNot at all convenient
3. How do you rate our employees on friendliness and customer service?
Please let us know why you rated us the way you did.

4. How do you rate our employees on lawncare/landscaping skills?
Please tell us why you rated us that way.

5. How responsive is our company?
Extremely responsiveVery responsiveModerately responsiveSlightly responsiveNot at all responsive
6. How do you rate our prices, compared to other providers?
Much better than other providersBetter than other providersThe same as other providersWorse than other providers
7. How likely are you to refer us to your neighbors?
Very likelySomewhat likelyNot likely
8. Are there any services that we do not currently provide that you would like to see offered?

9. What can we do to improve our service to you?

10. Optional: Please leave your name and address so we can thank you for your time.